Excavators for tunnel building

Since more than 20 years, Liebherr has provided specialist excavators for tunnel building. The R 944 C Litronic Tunneling excavator meets the current, practical demand for extremely powerful excavators to build new large-profile tunnels Powered by a Liebherr six-cylinder in-line engine which produces an output of 190 kW / 258 hp at a nominal speed of 1,800 rpm, the R 944 C Litronic Tunnel garantuees an optimal output. To reduce particulate emissions, the tunnel excavator can be fitted with the new Liebherr particulate filter ­system as an optional extra certified in accordance with the VERT standard. The windows on the right and to the rear are polycarbonate and therefore characterised by their high impact resistance and very good visual qualities.

Model The height of the tunnelEngineBucket capacity