High pressure cleaning unit

A KOKS high pressure cleaning unit, to be permanently installed in a container, a closed box truck or on a trailer, is suitable for (industrial) cleaning and jetting work, cutting of materials and roughening of surfaces. A KOKS high pressure unit is multifunctional and can be used with both cold and hot water. The user benefits from optimum results and significant time and cost savings. Benefits: • Multifunctional. • Shorter cleaning times. • Better cleaning results. • Can be used with both hot and cold water. • Environmentally friendly (only water is used, no chemicals are required). • Easy control. • Meets the latest SIR environmental and safety standards. • High quality, long service life and economical purchase price. Usage: A KOKS high pressure system is perfect for the high pressure cleaning of installation components, tanks, towers, vessels and pipes, concrete renovation, cutting steel and concrete, removing layers of paint, insulation, rust etc. and the pressure testing of systems. These activities are executed, among other places, in the (petro) chemical industry, process engineering, the steel industry, power stations, waste incineration plants, the food processing industry and shipping. Technical features: High pressure unit High pressure skid, incl. control box Plastic or stainless steel piping. Exhaust silencer, including spark arrester. Bypass overflow valve. Main switch. Approved in accordance with SIR. Bodywork Polyester floor. Lighting. Wall sockets. Noise-reducing grids. Workbench and cabinet. Steps to engine room and workplace. Suitable for installation of a high pressure pump with a power of 250, 400, 550, 700 or 1,000 hp. A KOKS high pressure unit is available in stationary or mobile versions and can be equipped with various options and accessories which are appropriate for your needs and applications.