Washing and cleaning of heat exchange equipment KOKS ULTRASONIC

Specialized ultrasonic vessels simply provide a better clean in less time! Ultrasonic sound wave technology is by no means new - it is a tried and true process. KOKS has simply developed it on an industrial scale - one where we provide custom vessels to clean heat exchangers of enormous size and scale. Ultrasonic activity operates on similar principles to sound waves. As electrical energy is transferred to mechanical energy, it causes positive and negative pressure waves that generate microscopic bubbles that form on all surfaces throughout the component being cleaned. But these are no ordinary bubbles. The air bubbles in the fluid in ultrasonic cleaning equipment implode when they come into contact with a solid surface. This effect is known as cavitation. When the air bubbles implode, a powerful jet of fluid is created which comes into contact with the surfaces of the objects being cleaned at extremely high pressures and temperatures. This dynamic effect separates contaminants from all surfaces without damaging the object in any way. These micro-jet shock waves, combined with special ultrasonic cleaning solvents, remove bitumen, heavy oils, fats, lime scale deposits and other (chemical) waste products in refineries much faster and more thoroughly than conventional methods (high pressure, steam, mechanical and chemical cleaning).