31.07.2017 The largest open coal mine- Bogatyr, has long been familiar with the LIEBHERR machines. Back in 2004,  one of the first mining hydraulic excavators in Kazakhstan was started it`s work on Bogatyr coal mine. This 350 tonne excavator was produced at the LIEBHERR Colmar plant in France and continues to work on the cut, together with two his brothers, delivered to Bogatyr by LIEBHERR.
And this week, the park of "Bogatyr Komir's" machines was replenished by one more machine of the LIEBHERR family- the heavy 55 tonne crawler bulldozer LIEBHERR PR764. This strondozer is able to perform it`s hard work with a jeweler's precision, thanks to LIEBHERR`s hydrostatic drive, which makes it possible to achieve maximum smooth movement due to the lack of jerk when switching gears, as well as due to the new system of automatic leveling LeICA iCON iGD2. This system is designed for automatic control of the height and transverse slope of the bulldozer`s blade. Leica iCON provides automatic control of the blade`s position, determines the height of the blade in the height system of the construction site, and with the help of laser receiver it is possible to form a surface with given longitudinal and transverse slopes. In this case, the operator does not need to do anything, the adjustment of the blade is automatic!

Наименование на англиском:  Giant with leveling accuracy

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