Indeco, an Italian manufacturer of hydraulic breakers, was founded in 1976. Right from the outset, here at Indeco we set our sights on predicting and reacting quickly to the needs of the marketplace, setting up countrywide sales networks and after sales service facilities and relying on the skills of the planning and development team. This philosophy allowed Indeco to develop the international market, soon become a leading brand in the global demolition industry, competing with a group of similar-sized rivals.

In 1986, the great efforts made to come up with a product that would provide users with a better experience in terms of productivity, performance, durability, ease of maintenance and operating costs paid off – the company patented the world's first "intelligent breaker", capable of modulating its frequency and energy per blow in relation to the hardness of the rock.

Then in 1996, our twentieth anniversary, Indeco won the "Samoter International Award" in the Machinery Builders category for our outstanding achievements in the technological innovation area.

As the market began to differentiate, calling for more specialized products, at Indeco we responded in 2003 by expanding our product portfolio, introducing a range of fixed and rotating pulverizers, designed specifically for demolishing buildings, vertical structures and flooring, as well as for recycling, i.e. separating concrete from rebars.

In 2004, we launched the new series of High Performance HP breakers with a novel design, brand-new materials and lower noise emissions. The continual product improvements, and the commitment to come up with variations to meet the different needs of our end-users, make the Indeco range the widest available anywhere on the market, with 20 models and 50 different combinations.

In 2008, at the specific request of an American firm struggling with some particularly hard rock, Indeco shattered all records for the second time in the history of the demolition industry, by building the world's biggest hydraulic breaker. The HP 18000's sheer size is breathtaking, not to mention its performance, making it the ideal breaker for huge earthworks, primary breaking and extra hard rocks. 4.6 metres high, weighing 11.05 tonnes, it can handle tools with a diameter of up to 250 mm, and has a destructive potential that is far and away the best of any breaker on today's market.

Meanwhile, the horizontal growth of the Indeco range continued, launching new products such as the IHC compactor, designed for companies looking for a combination of high compaction capacity, fast turnaround times and a safe working environment. Although the new IHC's were initially only sold on the U.S. market, demand then rose in other areas of the world such as Europe, Russia and South America, where the compactors began to be replace traditional manual equipment, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring high performance.

The next task was to increase the range to 4 fixed and 5 rotating pulverizers, ensuring that a match could be found for the majority of excavators on the market. Then came the Multi, a multifunction product in three different models – simply change the jaw set to use it as a shear, demolition crusher or pulverizer.

In 2010 came the first ISS shears, designed for recycling ferrous materials, now available in no less than 5 different models. The latest arrival is the IDG demolition sorting grab, with 6 models used for light demolitions.

Produced and marketed a few years ago by Indeco North America and Indeco Australia, the new series IBS pedestal boom secondary breaking system was presented to the Eruropean markets at Bauma 2013. The Indeco IBS looks destined to make a strong impact on many markets, having already proven to save time and money in many a quarry and mine. Mounted over the mouth of a primary crusher, it is used to reduce bridged and oversized material which slows down crushing operations: by doing so, plant down times can be safely eliminated.

Here at Indeco, we have been able to achieve ambitious goals over the years, thanks in part to our increasingly extensive sales network. As well as being a market leader in Italy, where our authorised dealership network has in recent years raised its market share to around 30%, Indeco can also count on stable and lasting partnerships in much of Europe, in particular in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and the United Kingdom, with the subsidiary Indeco UK.

The American market is run by Indeco North America which was set up in 1990 and covers the whole of the USA, Canada and Central America with a network made up of 5 direct subsidiaries, each with their own warehouse and workshop. The network also includes over 50 dealerships, which are set up for sales purposes, and especially for after-sales assistance, as well as around 100 rental centres which work exclusively with Indeco products. 2011 saw the inauguration of Indeco Mexico which will be handling sales and after-sales assistance there. Other important markets include Brazil, Argentina and other South American countries.

Indeco Australia, established in 1993, is the market leader with a share of over 30%. The Indeco brand is also well consolidated throughout Eastern Europe, including Russia, where we have a representative office in Moscow. On all of the other emerging markets, such as the Far East and Africa, our products are being used, with many larger infrastructure projects using Indeco maxi-range breakers.

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