Our customer service carries out not only the regular service, of equipment delivered by us but as renders services in capital recovery work of all kinds!

On the basis of own service centers, we carry out capital repairs of knots and units: engines, boxes of variable transfers, hydraulic pumps, hydromotors, hydraulic cylinders, fuel equipment, etc.

Capacities and highly skilled stuff of "IPC Machines", allow to make full-fledged "Rebuild" of the equipment with repair or full replacement of the failed knots and components.

there is not always opportunity to transport this or that equipment in the service center, for carrying out repair therefore the customer service of "IPC Machines" is equipped with mobile Automobile repair Shop on the basis of Mercedes Atego which part independent sources of power supply (generating installations), lighting masts, the compressor equipment, lathes, specialized screw guns of big diameter and as various auxiliary tools and mechanisms, allowing to carry out capital repairs "in the field"